Observations, laments, wishes, and perplexities at the end of a spring-like, spring break-Wednesday. In no particular order:

1. Why do so many people think that ‘democratic socialism’ means ‘Stalinist authoritarianism’ and why has Bernie failed to put miles and miles between the two?

2. Maybe the posthumous disgrace Jean Vanier brought on himself and his legacy will allow particular L’Arche communities and the leadership of L’Arche International to enter a spotlight that was always too much on him anyway.

3. Fig jam (or orange marmalade) + Gorgonzola cheese + fresh rosemary on warmed naan, slid into a very hot oven for a very short time = delicious.

4. Churches are almost never good at resolving conflict. The more I learn about and implement restorative practices/restorative justice in my teaching, the more I see the lost opportunities for repairing harm and mending brokenness in ecclesial communities of all kinds.

5. Reading social media posts by persons whose political views differ from my own sometimes feels like exhibitionism. I’m routinely shocked by what is exposed: ignorance and lack of nuance, yes, but it’s the cruelty that astonishes me.

6. I am moved by students who, when asked to read Rowan Williams’s The Body’s Grace, write essays of such erudition, insight, and tenderness. I didn’t teach that difficult piece nearly as well as they wrote about it.

7. A short run on a spring-like, spring-break Wednesday evening does a body good.